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Westminster Novice CTF

On the 11th of Feb, Oxford entered two teams into the University of Westminster Novice CTF, organised by Cyber Security Challenge UK. The CTF was sponsored by Raytheon and BT and targeted at novices / first time competitors. The competition jeopardy style, with a focus on forensics, crypto and generic puzzles.

Team “Dark Blue”, composed of Mary, Mariam, Louise and Ari came in a respectable 6th place. Team “Team Name”, composed of Olivia, Thomas, Will and Dennis came in 1st place. Both Oxford teams were taking part in their first official CTF, having previously been given some tips and tricks by Ilias, and enjoyed the day immensely.

“Team Name” each won a set of lockpicks and a copy of the Red Team Field Manual. Somewhat bizarrely, they were also awarded a team prize: 1 copy of “Java: The Complete Reference Ninth Edition”, a weighty 1300 pages, which was donated to the CDT library.

The final rankings were as follows: